Hello world! Angie, here. I’ve started some new habits in my life, recently; and today, I decided that deserve my own blog domain. This is a huge step for me!

It’s time to blog seriously and tell stories, write poetry, post covers.. On my own website!


Here’s a rundown on my next adventure:

I’m moving to Vancouver, Washington the second week of October! I just started at Denny’s, again; and I’m keeping Red Lobster under my belt. I’ve been working a lot. A little bit excessively, I know, but it’s something to do now that I don’t have a specific person distracting me in my down time. I started unpacking things to sell, last week! Proud of myself for getting things done! I plan to move with only a few things in my car, so wish me luck!


I’ll have more to write tomorrow evening.

Blessed be.