When I move to Vancouver, I’m considering deleting my social media (except this blog, of course), so I can focus on living and leading the life I want to. 

Social media demands a lot of my attention because it’s addictive and I want to get out there, you know? 

So, before October 4th, 2016, get my phone number and/or email address, and we’ll stay in touch! If not, you can just read my blog..
I celebrated Independence Day with quite a few people this year! 

Drove from one party to the next get together, to the next, and I had so much fun! Bonded with my sister, got to know some great coworkers (I dare call them friends), and I got to wake a few of my other friends up to light sparklers at 4AM on the fifth! Totally worth not sleeping. I had a blast! 

We’re not even done celebrating. Tonight a few of us got together to watch tv and chill, and I really enjoyed myself. It’s true what they say, “As long as you’re in good company, it’s always a good time.”

Anyway, that’s just a little rundown. I’ll post again soon!!
-Angie ❤