“How are you?”


Well, I’ve received a little bit of closure, this week. I came to the realization that I really do only matter to a few people, and I’m grateful for those that care for me. But, I was really hoping you were one of them; you’ve proven to me that you’re not.

I am scrolling through my social media, reading old posts from when we were together; smiling because I miss the way we used to talk to each other..the way we cared for each other..¬†Tonight, I’m deleting them. By Midnight, they’re all going to be gone. I need to push forward in my life. I need to allow myself to be happy without communicating with you. I need to focus on getting everything I need together before I move, again.

But I want to ask you something: How long were you going to make me wait?


I hope happiness finds you. I hope you take an adventure.