It’s strange how money works when you start to add it up on your own. 

You realize that buying that coffee for six of the seven days costs as much as filling your car with gas. Also, that pack of cigarettes? That’s literally more than my LEGAL hourly wage. And then you get home from the longest day ever, you just want to sleep, and you manage to lock your keys in your car.. That $70 night turns into a -$20 night because you have to spend more than you even earned to get your car door opened by a total stranger at 3:30 in the morning. Which is total bullshit, by the way. 
I am having a rough week. Yesterday morning, I was supposed to leave for Portland, OR to see a couple friends and look at a few apartments in Vancouver. Instead, I picked up a double at my work, because my car won’t make it to Portland and back. Actually, I have to trade in my car, put another $700-$1000 down, to get a decently running car that won’t leave me stranded. 

In life, right now, I’m getting my ass handed to me. Not even joking. So much has just fallen apart that I’ve just started picking up shifts at work to get away from it.