I’m starting to notice that every time I’m about to leave a place because I feel like I don’t belong, I meet these amazing people that teach me all the things that I need to be happy and to take care of myself. 

Literally two weeks ago, I was in such a hurry to leave Boise, I called off lifelong friendships. I started giving things away, saving cash, and paying things off. I didn’t give a shit. But now, I’m starting to wonder if Boise needs me. (Or at least the people I’ve met recently need me around, but it’s probably vice versa.) 

I just don’t want to feel like I’m relying on others for happiness, to keep me grounded. 

You all have treated me with love and made me into a better person, and I am so appreciative; but it’s definitely time to move along to my next adventure. (To finish the one I started.) I know I said I’m going to Washington, but if I go now, I’ll never leave. I haven’t really told anybody where I’m actually going.. Maybe two or three people.