Yesterday was my twentieth birthday. 

It was different than my last three. I spent it with people that actually love and care about me. (Kara and Sam, I love and adore you two so much.) And I got a few things off my chest, which was much needed. (Sorry, not sorry. I deserve an apology.)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to Sam bringing me Gatorade and Kara saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BITCH!”. We got dressed, threw on lipstick and mascara, and headed out to our first stop! 

We went to Goodwood to have lunch, then stopped at some Halloween stores, drove around Boise.. We had an amazing day! 

Sam made me a birthday cake, which was amazing! – We had a karaoke night, “kamakazi karaoke” to be exact.. 

It was the best birthday ever. ❤ 

Thank you to everybody that celebrated with me! I love you all.