This song wont leave my thoughts. I love it so much, but it is so heartbreaking. I feel that it is describing every single emotion I feel. Almost the exact situation.


I feel like I’m being haunted by the past. Haunted by memories.

I’ve been having dreams about you, and they’re destroying my will to even keep sober and continue on with recovery. Suddenly, you show up at the house, distant at first. You hold my hand, try to kiss me, but then you tell me it’s a mistake and you’re sorry. But then, you do it again, and you say that in the morning we need to talk about everything; actually talk, because it didn’t happen like we promised it would. We fall asleep next to each other, and I wake up alone. Always. You’ve just disappeared. (Kind of how you did in my life, in general.)

I’m just happy that I have amazing roommates that help me through everything. I get to say I’m not alone, which is nice.