Nearly two years ago I wrote this poem, and today, it came into play. (You may have read it on my old blog.) 

I hope you enjoy. 

“You’ve grown up thinking and being told you’re crazy;

I’m sure we all have, correct?

Diagnosing ourselves by symptoms in our heads.

One wrong, immoral thought, you think you’re suddenly sick;

One breakdown after hanging on for so long, you’re bipolar.

You have only a few friends, want to be alone? Social anxiety.

Shaking and crying after a traumatic experience? Anxiety. Depression.

One thought, “Why am I still alive?”, must be clinically depressed.

What’s the difference between our diagnosis and theirs?

They’re trained to prescribe a numbing medication.

“Is there such a thing as feeling nothing at all?”

The “pain” and “stress” of growing up is too much to handle.

Abusing yourself in attempt to be noticed? I’m not sure why we do it..

Wanting to speak, but scared of not being heard;

How can we change ourselves, when we truly don’t want to?

Are we all just attention-seekers? Negatively living.

Do we want to be noticed? Do we actually want to be diagnosed?

Are we scared of the results?

Is it cool to have a mental illness, a flaw in chemistry? To need help, even if we don’t want it?

Does it make us feel good to know something really is a problem?

Why do we glorify suicide? Eating disorders? Pain? Anxiety? Depression? Abuse? Not being good enough? Needing help, but not accepting it?

What the hell is wrong with our society?

Pretending to be things and people we are not.

Are we crying wolf, there’s a fucking chihuahua growling at us?

What happens to those with these real problems?

Not that yours or ours are not real, but are we truly suffering?

Or did we just get dumped by our significant others of two weeks, and don’t want to be alone?

You’re beautiful. Strong. Powerful. But are you capable of being your own Savior?

Do you need a knight, someone else to save, a stronger being?

What do you believe in? Is it all in our heads?

Are we suffering because we want to, or because life is too much?
What is our diagnosis? Human.”