I have never been more excited to go home to my job, friends, boyfriend, and family.

This trip to California was much needed, even though I hate admitting it. Helped me clear my mind, and come to terms with myself. It’s been a real eye-opener that everything happens for a reason, and everything is going to turn out okay. 

So, I’ve gotten a few messages and questions about my changing relationship status.. “What’s his name?” His name is Josh. “How did you meet?” We used to work together at Denny’s. “How long have you been seeing each other secretly?” Secretly? (I laughed really hard at this one.) The people who know me well knew that something had to be going on with the constant coffee and meal dates, and literally constant conversation between us. But, to answer the question…. About three months.. Almost four..

And my personal favorite!:

“You were avoiding men like the plague, how did you manage to tie you down?” Dude, I don’t even know. There’s a specific week that we spent almost every moment together. I was going through a really tough spell of just feeling emotionally numb, and he was there, listening to my every word and covering with a blanket when I fell asleep while we watched movies. Then, I managed to get really sick; like, sore throat, no voice, and consistent flu symptoms sick. He went out, bought otter pops, NyQuil, cough drops, and all the necessities and took care of me for about four days. During that four days, I kind of fell head over heels.. So that’s how he ended up with me.(: