Tonight is a short post, in which I am sharing the best photo I ever took when I lived in Utah. 

The sun was setting at the beginning of February, and I was sitting out on the front porch of my childhood home, thinking of my decision to move across the country. Two months before, I had been accepted into my dream school, early admissions, and I had finally told my family I was leaving in July. 

A lot of people were angry with me. Angry that I wasn’t considering school closer to “home”, or closer to them. 

I remember sitting on that porch, lighting a cigarette and just hanging out for a good hour. Admiring the beauty of where I grew up. (But knowing full well that I would never want to move back. No matter how the situation.) Now, flash forward two and a half years: I miss it a little bit. Whether I normally say it, or not, I actually have quite a few really good friends that are still in Lehi; and we may not keep in touch constantly, but we can always jump into a conversation immediately. 

The last time I was in Lehi, I went for a concert with a good friend, at the time; and to see my mother. Coming this December, the only reason I’ll have to visit is to see those few friends I keep in touch with, not even for my favorite coffee house (because there’s one opening in Boise), or to stay with my mom, because now she’s moving. I almost want to go back to say my goodbyes to old memories and to have one more lonely six hour drive to the park down the street from this very front porch. But another part of me wants to just let it go and only visit for a birthday or two.. 

But that’s not a decision to be made, right now. Instead, I’m going to wake up in the morning, make a pot of coffee for Kara and I, and watch the sky as the  sun rises; because it’s time for a new beginning. It’s time to smile at the colors and beauty around me, that’s waking up beside me, rather than focusing on them all getting darker.. 

I have no clue where I’m going with this posts. None at all. But I do know that I’m going home soon and I’m excited to watch the sunrise there, too. 

I hope you enjoy my favorite photo.