Growing up, I remember my father telling me, “My life is the road. I’ve always found myself on it.” Now I know a few examples: “gypsy-like”, wanderlust, or (my personal favorite) lost. I’ve been called all of these things. I relate. I’ve never wanted to stay in one place. Why would I? There’s so much to experience, so many people to meet, mistakes to be made, and lessons to learn.


Two years later, (and yes, it was weird to add “-two” to my age in the bio box) I decided to become active online, again. May take me awhile to get in the groove, but I appreciate those that are reading.

In the past two years, I like to believe I’ve become a more positive version of myself. I’ve chosen a great group of friends, and some I’ve had for literally ten years. That’s so weird to say, and every single one of them would agree. We’ve all changed in so many ways. Two of my best friends are mothers and are supporting themselves and others. One is following her wanderlust, and landed her dream job. Two more are getting a college education for something they love. One just followed heart and came out to her parents. Every single friend of mine has something big that’s changing their lives little, by little; and every single person is showing me that self-love and love for life are so important. They teach me every day, even just by sending me a small snapchat, or keeping in touch with a few words.

I am so blessed to have the examples of amazing changes around me. Amazing people. You’ve all inspired me to start doing things for me, and my little family. You’ve all taught me to stand my ground, and not to give up, no matter the situation. I want to say thank you to my friends for supporting my self-love, adventures, and growth. Because without you guys, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. And I wouldn’t have taken the huge leaps of faith that I have, recently.

I think Yellow Light Adventure is going to be more about self-love, music, and getting through life.

I’ll write soon.