Today, I need to talk to you. I have so many memories going through my head, I’m dizzy. Things/memories we only shared with each other, and it kills me that we didn’t share them with anybody else. Or others can only remember single-sided things that were negative.

You once told me, “I don’t know why you tell your best friend about our arguments and problems. You’ll forgive me, later, because you know me differently and we’ve gone through so much together.. Your best friend doesn’t. With every shitty story you tell her, even if you do tell her the good things, her opinion of me gets worse and worse. Same goes for your mother, or anybody else that you may vent to,”

I wish I had realized in that moment how manipulative it was to put it that way… But I also understand it. Any time my close friends come to me about their significant others, I tend to remember the negative things more than the positive.

So I’ve started to state my thoughts and opinions on those situations, and then I back pedal.. I let them know that I don’t know them on the level they do, and that my opinions are strictly only formed by what I’ve heard.