One day, I’ll be as free as an eagle.

My Bucket List

Spend the day at a spa

Participate in Free Hugs

Do 50 random acts of kindness

Visit 5 different museums

Get a massage

Take public transportation

Sing karaoke in public

Order room service

Go caroling

Throw someone a surprise party

Ice skate

Roller blade

Go to a comedy club

Bake cookies for your neighbors, co-workers, etc

Take a cooking lesson

Learn to make one really nice meal from scratch (May 2020)

Shoot a gun (February 2020)

Shoot a bow and arrow

Give up meat (for at least a week)

Write letters to 5 people who positively influenced you

Tour a factory

Pay for another person or family’s meal

Take a bubblebath by candlelight with champagne, wine or sparkling cider

Go on a hayride

Wish upon a star

Play the lottery

Drive or ride on a motorcyle

Climb a rock wall

Toss a coin into a fountain

Sell something online (May 2020)

Visit a nursing home


Take a jumping pic

Write your will

Host a scavenger hunt

Ride in a limo

Get a caricature done of yourself

Shop on Black Friday

Get a complete physical done with blood work

Get an adjustment from a chiropractor

Dress up fancy and go somewhere mundane

Play darts

Play pool/billiards

Bet on a horse or dog race

See a play/musical on Broadway

Learn a dance

Do “it” in a car

Jump off a diving board

Slide down a waterslide

Ride a rollercoaster

Thank a veteran

Carve a pumpkin

Become passionate about a worthy cause

Be someone’s biggest fan

Paint a room purple, hot pink or neon green

Host a theme party

Have a signature look

Have a cool nickname

Attach notes to balloons and release them

Grow your hair long

Cut your hair really short

Start a blog

Do a charity walk/run

Make s’mores over a campfire

Get a tattoo

Go bowling

Go to a concert for a band or singer you’ve never heard of

Release sky lanterns

Play the harmonica

Take a day/night trip someplace new

Learn to make a good mixed drink

Have a signature drink  (Ask me about the gray martini.)

Write a letter to an editor

Sign a petition

Write a poem

Get your poetry published

Attend a minor or little league game

Tour a vineyard

Do a wine tasting

Eat at a fancy restaurant

Eat with chopsticks

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Start a campfire

Leave an inspirational message on a sticky note in a bathroom or public place

Write to a celebrity

Complete a crossword puzzle without cheating

Make reservations

Bleach or dye your hair, or wear clip on hair extensions

Sleep under the stars

Send someone flowers, just because

Continue your education

Try 10 new restaurants

Go to a festival

Watch a movie outdoors

Take a hike

Picnic in the park

Eat food from a street vendor

Learn to love yourself

Listen to a radio station you don’t normally listen to for a day

Choose different pizza toppings

Make and decorate gingerbread men

Quit a bad habit in 21 days

Bake homemade bread

Win something

Tie a tie

Star gaze

Hand write letters to your friends and mail them

Buy and wear lingerie

Cheer wildly

Spend the day at the beach or lake

Play truth or dare

Follow people who inspire you on Twitter and/or Facebook

Hold the door open for strangers

Join a club or team

Shop at a flea market, swap meet or garage sale

Write a note and leave it in a library book

Get a mani/pedi

Share your wisdom with someone

Walk in the rain

Start a retirement fund

Have the restaurant staff sing to you for your birthday

Learn 5 or more yoga poses


Stay in a bed and breakfast

Write a list of everything you’re grateful for

Toast to something with champagne or sparkling cider

Get a book signed by the author

Do a 365 day photo project

Try 25 new recipes

Order something different off the menu

Flirt with someone

Put together a 1,000 piece puzzle

Fall in love

Break glass

Buy your dream car

Travel in Ireland

Travel in England

Donate hair to “Locks of Love”

Try three new types of sushi

Meet three bands that you like

Perform in front of a lot of people

Try the “Master Cleanse” for at least seven days

Go completely vegetarian for at least a month

Get married